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Tokyo Photo Travel Guide

Tokyo Photo Travel Guide

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Save time & effort researching for your next Instagrammable trip! 

  • 100+ photo locations in Tokyo with specific photo tips, visual examples, and detailed information (when to visit, cost, crowd volume, tripod allowance and more)
  • Easy-to-digest city map that’s divided to help you navigate Tokyo at a glance
  • Our recommended photographer in Tokyo that I’ve personally worked with
  • 20+ hotels glossary with the best views and the specific room types to book
  • 15+ most Instagrammable food & drinks glossary for rooftop bars, cafes and restaurants
  • Private Tokyo database with powerful filtering functions so you can easily narrow down specific locations based on your needs
  • Google map of Tokyo with all locations pinned and categorized by location type
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    Get the Full Japan Guide and Save !

    Visiting more than just Tokyo? Then you need our complete Japan photo travel guide! It includes 100+ additional locations from Kyoto, Osaka, Day trips and Mt Fuji area!

    Not Your Regular Travel Guide

    🤩 150+ Page PDF Guide for the photo-lover

    Features 100+ locations including street photo spots, observation decks, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and more. Each and every spot has a breakdown of photography tips, best arrival times, tripod allowance, and more. 

    There are locations to accommodate everyone’s travel plans and budget guidelines. We've selected the best spots for photos, and eliminated spots that don't photograph well or don't allow any photos.

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    Photo Tips & Visual Examples

    Every location includes visual examples so you can get ideas on how to best capture these spots. Each destination will also include valuable info such as:

    • Location-specific photography tips
    • Best time of day to arrive
    • Best season to visit
    • Whether to shoot with a full-frame camera or phone
    • Crowd volume
    • Cost
    • Tripod allowance
    I want this!

    Digital Map with 140+ categorized pins

    Your purchase also includes a Google map guide with over 140+ locations that are already plugged in AND categorized by location type so you can plan your itinerary accordingly!

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    Filter for your desired locations 🤯

    You'll also have access to our powerful private database with over 140+ entries. This will allow you to filter through every spot using tags and conditions to find specific locations.

    For example, sort according to hotels with a Tokyo Tower view, temples with free entry, restaurants with floral decor, and more!

    • Get to Know Tokyo

      Before you touch down in Tokyo, read our guide to get a handle on important information such as the weather, currency and tipping best practices, transportation tips, and safety precautions.

    • Recommended Photographers

      We understand how everyone is always looking for photographers to help capture incredible content. Thus, we're recommending our most trusted, reliable photographers in this guide.

    • Central Tokyo

      The central most part of Tokyo is where you will find cultural landmarks such as the Tokyo Tower & the Imperial Palace. Our guide shares 33 locations where you can capture stunning content.

    • North Tokyo

      Journey to North Tokyo to find plenty of places to view the dazzling cherry blossoms. We're revealing 24 of the best kept locations in this part of the city.

    • East Tokyo

      East Tokyo is home to a variety of different wards. As far as aesthetic spots, we've listed 10 destinations you can't miss!

    • South Tokyo

      South Tokyo is known for its multifaceted vibe. In this guide, we're uncovering 5 aesthetic spots that make for amazing photo ops.

    • West Tokyo

      West Tokyo is a vibrant and diverse area that's great for capturing unique shots. In our guide, we rounded up 28 locations you need to include in your travel plans.

    • Hotels with a View

      Your stay can be just as instagram-worthy. We're sharing a list of hotels with stunning Tokyo views, along with the price points, exact room type, and a direct booking link so you can plan your trip with ease.

    • Most Instagrammable Restaurants & Rooftops

      Of course, every trip is not complete without indulging in drool-worthy eats. Kill two birds with one stone by visiting these restaurants and bars with instagram-worthy views and decor.

    • Location Database with Powerful Filter Functions

      You'll also have access to our powerful Notion database with over 150+ entries. This will allow you to filter through every spot so you can better plan your trip.

    • Digital Map

      Your purchase also includes a Google map guide with over 150+ locations that are already plugged in so you can plan your itinerary accordingly!

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