• Tina Lee

    Hi! I'm Tina, the creator of these guides! :) I have been a luxury travel creator for over 6 years now. These travel guides are the culmination of all my research over the years to help you capture the most beautiful memories for your next trip!

  • Ophélie Schaffar

    Ophélie is a professional photographer and creator, as well as our partner for the Paris guide. She knows Paris like the back of her own hand. Now, she’s sharing her most beloved Parisian photo spots so you’ll never run out of content.

  • Anoushka Probyn

    For London, we enlisted Anoushka to partner with us as she has over 5 years of experience as a full-time influencer and blogger. As a London-born and bred creator, she continually has her finger on the pulse on all the on-goings this amazing city has to offer.

  • Ariel Lee

    Ariel is a Taiwainese-American living in Tokyo. Ariel has been an online creator since 2016 and shares her beautiful photos of Japan on Instagram. Now, she’s revealing her best kept Japan locations in our Japan and Tokyo guides.



How is this guide different from other travel guides? Or Tripadvisor?

This is NOT another "Top 10 Things To Do" list that you can find on Tripadvisor, where you'll head to the same boring destination as 10 million other travelers, and then wait your turn to take an unmemorable selfie.

This is a guide to unique & beautiful spots (exact pinpoints, with some only known to a select few local photographers) with suggestions on angles, timing of the day, and how to take that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Share it with friends, family, or followers.

And for those iconic landmarks, we've curated the best vantage points, away from the crowds with the best angles.

So, what will you do with these beautifully captured memories?

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